Machine Learning in Agriculture

Machine learning applied to high-throughput feature extraction from imagery to map spatial variability.


A technology and analytics platform for improving variety selection.

Optimising Canola Phenology

Optimising Canola Phenology for Australian Target Production Environments

Genetic diversity toolkit

A genetic diversity toolkit to maximise harvest index by controlling the duration of developmental phase

National Phenology Initiative

A nationally validated model of wheat and barley flowering time that can be parameterised for new cultivars using molecular markers, genomic data and/or controlled environment phenotypic data.

Phenotyping with light interception

Quantification and evaluation of the phenotyping parameters and light interception function of the crop canopy based on rotor unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) platform


WaterWise through digital technology

Landscape frost

Spatial temperature measurement and mapping tools to assist growers, advisors and extension specialists manage frost risk at a farm scale

Low rainfall

Climate extremes in the low rainfall region of the wheat belt


Improving APSIM to deliver solutions in GxExM and Phenomics

Trait assessment

Raising water productivity: Trait assessment for Australian rainfed wheat

Frost situation

Frost situation analysis in Australia

Maize model

Functional-structural maize model based on the source-sink limited growth of kernel

National adaptation

National adaptation Assessment: Adaptation Value in Wheat & Grazing farm systems

Root Nitrogen

Quantification of nitrogen absorption mechanism of maize using three-dimensional root-soil model

Scots Pine

Modelling three-dimensional growth of Natural Mongolian Scots pine forest and its application to estimate carbon sequestration potential

Wheat flowering

Genetics and physiology of wheat development to flowering: tools to breed for improved adaptation and yield potential

Aerial Imaging

Transformational Biology Aerial Imaging Project - scoping field phenotyping 'stick'

National Variety Trial

Adding value to GRDC's National Variety Trial network

Breeding platform

A Molecular Breeding Platform

Climate ready cereals

A national research program for climate ready cereals

Wheat adaptation

Adapting wheat to future warm and dry climates: improved simulation of flowering and tillering

Non-point source pollution

Spatial quantitatively identified the source of agricultural non-point source pollution based on GIS technique and mathematical model and simulation of three dimensional landscape

Light model

Quantified spatial architecture and digital design based on light model for high-yielding crop

Digital design

Research on growth model and digital design technique for agricultural and forest plant