R package to communicate with Senaps platform.


R interface for tiddlywiki which is a unique non-linear notebook for capturing, organising and sharing complex information.


R interface for expDB which is used to store experiment-based data.


APSIM Wheat Phenology model rewrote in R

Weather Analysis

R package to process the weather records

Combine project management and data analysis using Tiddlywiki and RMarkdown

I have been looking for a simple and flexible tool to manage projects, take notes, and track results of data analysis with R, e.g. EverNote, OneNote, Trac, JIRA, github, RMarkdown, bookdown, etc.

Capture message, warnings and errors from a R function

During development the web platform PhenoCopter to process images captured by UAV, I need to capture all logs (i.e. message, warning and error) of R scripts for data processing, and then store into the database which are rendered by web interface and allows user to view all logs in real time.

JS updates position of TOC for Rmarkdown file in blogdown

The TOC is rendered underneath when using blogdown 0.20 to write Rmarkdown file. However, the current version of hugo academic theme is rendered TOC at the right hand side and always keep on the screen which would be more useful.

Interactive correlation plot

Correlation figure is very useful to show correlation for all variables in a data frame. There are several ways to draw a correlation plot in R.

Build and deploy website for R package

After development a R package and push into github, I want to build a reference website, and automatically deploy it with my sub-domain. Setup pkgdown pkgdown is an very powerful tool to make it quick and easy to build a website for R package.

A faster way to trim a raster file

In the plot segmentation of image-based HTP platforms (e.g. UAV, ground-vehicle), we always need to trim a plot to remove the edge effect, then extracts the pixel values we are interesting.